A voyage thru 5 Continents

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The program “a voyage through five continents” of Marina Parque das Nações in partnership with Grão d’Ideias is intended for children from 6 to 10 years old, who want to learn more about this theme and have fun. Each week a continent will be explored regarding: arts, science, gastronomy, environment, curiosities, history, and culture.
At the beginning of the program each child will receive a “passport” that will accompany them through their activities, in which they will record the summary of their trip. And at the end of the week, the children will have a party to finish of their trip.

In this journey across the continents children will explore them, starting with curiosities and location and performing various activities related to several countries in each continent.
For example:

Asia – They will get to know the Japanese art of origami, make a fantastic typical nann from India and unique and fabulous chopsticks. 

America – They will get to know the origin of the cinema, make some tasty brigadiers from Brazil and fun maracas from Cuba.

Africa – They will make Moroccan taboulés, drums, they will learn some dances and much more.

Europe – They will get to know Italian delicacies, recognizing the world of flavours from France and learn much more about our continent.

Oceania – They will make a boomerang and see how it works, know the typical animals and some monuments.


Weekly, from Monday to Friday, from 20th June to 29th July.


Per week (Monday to Friday) – €155


  • All material needed for the activities
  • Lunch
  • Personal accident Insurance
  • VAT


  • Authorization is required, from the parental authority
  • Payment must be made until the last working day preceding the first day of the shift, by bank transfer, cheque or cash.
  • This activity is only achieved with a minimum number of 8 people and maximum of 16 people

 Required documentation

  • Application form
  • Consent form
  • Identity card photocopy.
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