Fuel Station

Galp Fuel station

Marina Parque das Nações has a Galp fueling station for boats, equipped with Gasoline 95 and Diesel HI-energy

This fuel station seeks to complement the services that Marina Parque das Nações has to offer its customers. Now it is possible to fill your boat with fuel with all the quality for which Galp is known.

Leader in the distribution of fuels in Portugal, Galp Energia is present throughout the whole process and the result is the supply of safe and superior fuels.

Galp invested in quality – Hi-Energy diesel and gasoline are added with components that ensure superior performance and better protection of your engine. In this way, there is a lower consumption, as well as fewer pollutant emissions to the atmosphere and is as such protecting the environment.

Service subject to availability of harbormaster and restricted by tides. All requests should be arranged with the reception beforehand