Ecological Awareness

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Marina Parque das Nações promotes ecological behavior

Marina Parque das Nações is a dynamic and attractive nautical centre in Lisbon’s Oriental area, that seeks to maintain and promote a responsible ecological behavior and to improve and re-qualify the surrounding areas while respecting the environment.  

Responsible ecological behavior is nowadays more than a duty, it is an obligation to keep our waters clean, save natural resources and respect the environment. This can be achieved by environmental education and information, responsible environmental management and the implementation of safety procedures. As such please respect our Environmental Code of Practices. 


 bandeiraazul20145Code of Practice

Marina Parque das Nações is focused on the well being of all national and international sailors who cross our waters and carries the responsibility of being an example of good environmental practices. We rely on your participation to preserve the environment for future generations.

"Est‡tuas Vivas", anima‹o de rua por  H‹ Toino de L’rio, Portugal, nos Jardins da çgua - programa‹o Iniciativa Expo '98.

Be Blue

The small individual Blue Flag can be awarded to interested boat owners wanting to contribute to the Blue Flag Campaign. Sign up!

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Natural Reserve

The Tagus Estuary includes a protected area designated “SPA’” (Special Protection Area for Wild Birds), which incorporates the Natural Reserve of the Tagus Estuary, classified as “Wetlands of International Importance”.

HUGO (5)Pump Out Service

Marina Parque das Nações provides a, FREE,  pump-out service to collect black waste waters stored in the retention tank as well as bilge waters that accumulate at the bottom of your boat.