Marina Parque das Nações, in partnership with the Windsurf School, challenges you to participate in the new classes of Windsurf RS: One (Competition) to be held at  Marina Parque das Nations Nautical Center.

With lessons adapted to each student, this program will allow pupils to learn the techniques needed to adopt a competitive Windsurf practice.

Group Classes RS:One (Competition)

• Objetives

RS:One Classes aim to prepare students to successfully and easily integrate competitions, so they can take better advantage of their learning and development at windsurf. Besides being able to compete without the need to purchase equipment (which is provided by the organization), this is also an opportunity to stimulate the competitive spirit.

• Who can participate

These are group classes, for a maximum of 8, and are intended for all windsurfers who already have autonomy of windsurf sailing. They must be able to sail with RS:One sail, therefore to be accepted in the class they will have to pass a small motor skill test using the RS: One gear, the test consists of completing a small itinerary (easy and accessible) and returning to the starting point.

• Duration and location of classes

These classes will be scheduled in advance, with an estimated duration of 3 hours per class, and 2 lessons to be held per month. The site will also be predetermined, preferably at the Nautical Center of Marina Parque das Nations.

• Program and skills to be developed

The lessons will be planned by objectives, and may be flexible in according to the weather conditions as follows:

On Land

  • • Assembly and disassembly
  • • Tuning
  • • Handling Equipment

On Water

  • Tides
  • Turns
  • Circling buoys
  • Routes
  • Strategy
  • Departures (land and sea)
  • Regatta Training


The school makes available to students the following equipment to perform these classes:

  • 9 RS:One boards
  • 9 RS:One devices
  • The students must have the following equipment (it can be provided by school at an early stage limited stock available):
  • Isothermal bodysuit
  • Floating vest
  • Harness


  • Group Classes 8 pax
  • Approximate Duration 3h
  • Minimum of 4 pax
  • Maximum of 8 pax
  • € 45 / Pax – Per Lesson
  • € 75 / Pax – Monthly (2 lessons per month)


For more information don’t hesitate to contact us thru 218 949 066 or thru

Conditions and Garanties

  • Values include necessary equipment, required personal accident and liability insurances ( Decree – Law No. 108/2009 15 May )
  • The participant is responsible for the material assigned to him, making sure he does not leave anything behind.
  • The class may be rescheduled if weather conditions are adverse. Participantss should call ahead in case of no-show to class.
  • Students must abide the instructions given during class, (including safety instructions), the school cannot be held responsible for any accidents as a result of a conscious non-compliance of this point.
  • The participant must have common sense and care in handling the equipment.
  • The participant must inform of any physical limitations that would aggravate or deter him from the practice of this sport.
  • The school as the right to refuse admission, with full refund payments, if it is proven that the sport is a risk to the health and wellbeing of the student.
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