Marina Parque das Nações, in partnership with the Windsurf School, challenges you to be part of the new Windsurf workshops, which will be held in the Marina Parque das Nações Nautical Centre. The lessons are adapted to the student’s rhythm and the techniques taught enable you to test the maneuvers learnt in open sea.


Two distinct phases for learning windsurf

Theory: Concepts of aerodynamics, safety, surroundings and functioning of the board and sail;

Practice: In the water, where the theoretical knowledge and skills acquired are put in practice.

The purpose of this course is to let students practice independently and safely, managing the board and evaluating potential risk elements, security, priority rules and respect for other users.

After initiation students will be oriented to the following levels:


  • Assembly and nomenclature;
  • Start and direct the board with light wind abeam (6 knots);
  • Flip-board (static turn).


  • Control the board and off the bowline;
  • Gibe with light wind (6 knots, turning static).


  • Sailing with moderate wind (12 knots);
  • Compensate the pressure on the sail with your body weight.

Teaching methods:

Group Classes (6 students + 1 coach) using the headzone coaching system.

This system consists of a helmet with a radio intercom that enhances the learning experience through a real time communication with the trainer, helping the participant obtain faster and better results.

Learning support materials:

  • This is the only Windsurf School who has a e-learning platform.
  • Theoretical content is available on the platform since the first class.


  • Duration of approximately 2h;
  • Minimum of 4 Pax;
  • Maximum of 6 Pax;
  • 38,00 € / Pax Per Class


Classes are held at our Nautical Centre, on saturdays,  from October to May. Beginning on the 28th of October


For more information don’t hesitate to contact us thru 218 949 066 or


  • Value includes necessary equipment, required personal accident and liability insurances ( Decree – Law No. 108/2009 15 May )
  • The student is responsible for the material assigned to him, making sure he does not leave anything behind.
  •  The class may be rescheduled if weather conditions are adverse. Students should call ahead in case of no-show to class.
  •  Students must abide the instructions given during class, (including safety instructions), the school cannot be held responsible for any accidents as a result of a conscious non-compliance of this point.
  • The student must have common sense and care in handling the equipment.
  • The student must inform of any physical limitations that would aggravate or deter him from the practice of this sport.
  • The school as the right to refuse admission, with full refund payments, if it is proven that the sport is a risk to the health and wellbeing of the student.
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