Little Biologist

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An introduction to Birdwatching

Did you know that a cormorant, unlike other seabirds, does not have fully waterproof plumage and to dry its feathers it presents us with a very nice pose for a picture? Or even that the sparrows that we see in our gardens always look for places inhabited by humans?

Well, these and other answers may be revealed in the new Little Biologist Course, that Marina Parque das Nações prepared for you and your school.

Divided into two entertaining activities, “Marina Birds” and ” Garden Birds”.

“Marina Birds” (1h max 14 pax.) – For only € 5 per participant, your students will closely follow the movements, habits and graciousness of some of the unique species that every year visit the marina and the Tagus Estuary. And like a true biologist goes in search of his birds, after a short presentation and identifying them indoors, your students will do it the best way, by boat!

“Garden Birds” (1h max 25 pax.) – For only € 5 per participant, offer your students the opportunity to get to know the species of birds, that day after day, visit their homes and gardens. In this activity they will also have the opportunity to prepare some treats to feed these same birds (seed biscuits for children up to 7 years and feeders for older children).

Bring your students education to where everything happens, Nature.

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