Sail Ability

vela adaptada

Sailing is for All

Marina Parque das Nações together with Association Salvador, Association Gulliver and CERCI  Lisboa promotes “Sailing is for All” with the main goal of giving a nautical experience to disabled individuals, regardless of their age or type of disability as long as it is feasible with the practice of Sailing.

The Boats

The sailing lessons are given using Class Access boats. These boats have as their main feature, a low center of gravity and ballasted keel which results in greater stability and comfort to the participants.


“Sailing for All” takes place at Marina Parque das Nações Nautical Centre every Wednesday from 2pm to 5pm, relying on the support of several sailing enthusiasts and volunteers.

Be part of this community

Sailing is Man’s audacity before the wind, a sport that brings together, around a nautical practice, values of companionship and mutual support, while achieving common objectives.
Be inspired by them and recognize them in yourself too, by signing up as a volunteer and offering the simplicity of a moment’s leisure.

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