River Canoeing


Go a head and start practicing canoeing!

According to your level of experience make use of a closed water premises, at Marina Parque das Nações Nautical Center, or practice in an open river regime on the Tagus River and its stunning estuary.

With a growing demand from athletes who choose the river as the perfect spot for their practice of canoeing and other nautical sports, Marina Parque das Nações has, in its premises, kayak rentals for both the expert and the inexperienced practitioners. According to your fitness and ability level it is possible to rent kayaks accordly:

No Experience

  • It is recommended to first practice on our Nautical Center
  • Sundays from 10am to 12pm
  • Presence of a monitor
  • Over 10 years old or accompanied by an adult
  • Book beforehand


We recommend the use of the North Basin
Minimum of 2 participants


Practice along with an experient participant or Tag Along on Sunday mornings with the KCT Group*
*(Kayak Clube do Tejo, this group practices every Sunday Morning with rare exceptions)


Practice in group (min 2 pax) is recommended or Tag Along on Sundays with the KCT Group. Be aware that the river has a strong currents and tides should always be taken into consideration

With prices ranging from € 7.50 per person, the practice of canoeing is now much easier and accessible to all. This activity may take place at Nautical Centre or in the Tagus Estuary, Open River canoeing, always subject to previous appointment and an aptitude test.

Marina Parque das Nações also has for all Canoeing enthusiasts a free regime modality, as well as the perfect place to store their canoe or skiff, with unlimited access to the water plan.

Set sail on this adventure and fall in love with this sport. 


Nautical Center

  •  Sundays from 10h00 to 12h00:
  • Try out: 7,50€ per  person ( tandem kayak )
  •  Monthly Tuition: 25€ ( Enrollment Fee 25€);

Kayak Rental at Marina Parque das Nações:

  • Open River (1h): 10€
  • Open River(2h) : 15€/pax
  • Open River (4h): 30€ / pax


  • Subject to appointment using the following: info@marinaparquedasnacoes.pt | 218 949 066 | 219 961 307 (308) (309);
  •  Each participant is held responsible for the practice of the activity, assuming the absence of any contraindications to practicing this sport, as well as filling  out and delivering all the required documents.
  • The aptitude test (Kayak federation documentation or Tag Along with the KCT Group) are mandatory before starting the modality autonomously;
  • The regulations and safety standards should be properly read and understood before heading out to the river;
  • Minimum age 10 years (subject to the  signature of liability waiver by parent or guardian);
  • Minimum of 2 people and a maximum of 6 for open  river practice


  • Be aware of weather conditions and  tides (tide Chart available at the reception of the marina)
  • Pay attention to the entry / exit of vessels in and out of the marina, especially near the sluices;
  • Use of lifejacket throughout the activity is mandatory;
  •  The use of fitted thermal clothing , to allow perspiration and maintain a good body temperature is recommended;
  • Carry with you water, granola bars, a pocket knife, , a mobile phone or VHF and a whistle (in sealed bag suitable for this purpose )
  • Be back before dark and always notify the reception of the marina of your departure;
  • Respect nature and the surroundings  as well as the material used;
  • An identity card must be left  at the reception and as a deposit, being returned at the end of the activity;
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