Let´s help build a library

Exposição da Tutor T: dar Livros aos Pequeninos

The Kindergarten Tutor I (Lisbon) is developing a solidarity project with Casa dos Pequenitos (Oblongo). This Caritas’ Institution is situated in the surroundings of Sao Tome city. Its mission is to help institutionalized children, with social vulnerability. At the present, the institution is taking care of 30 children between 0 and 7 years old. Casa dos Pequenitos aims to expand to a new place that they hope to inaugurate this year.

The Tutor T’s class PE 3 (aged to from 4 to 5 years old) is helping to build a library for the children of Casa dos Pequenitos. They are so determined by the desire of aiding that Marina Parque das Nações cannot be indifferent to this project.

How to help?

The initiative belongs to children of this kindergarten. Based on their work and photos, children customized a delicious exposition. Marina Parque das Nações is the scenario chosen to exhibit the art work of these small great artists.

Come to Marina and visit this exhibition from 13th to 17th March. Bring children a book until 7 years old and donate to the Casa dos Pequenitos‘ library. Help this mission, the children will be grateful too!