Ocean Skipper

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“Curso Patrão de Alto Mar”

  • This course allows day and night navigation, without any limit of the navigation area or limitation in terms of size of yacht and engine power.
  • This license allows the hire, or sailing, of a yacht throughout the world.
  • Passing the exam automatically renews the radiotelephone operator’s certificate Class A.
  • Applicants must have completed the Coastal skipper certificate at least a year previously, at the time of the exam.

General Conditions

Payment may be done until the last lesson of the course, by cheque, cash or bank transfer. During the course there is also the possibility to pay by instalments.

(Includes VAT, personal accident insurance, manual, all educational material required for the course, examination administrative costs and a temporary Skipper license).

Documents required

  • Medical certificate stating “Fit for Nautical activities”.
  • Colored Photo on photographic paper.
  • Photocopy of ID card or passport.
  • Declaration proving the student’s ability to swim.
  • Qualifications certificate.


The lectures will take place on the Marina Parque das Nações facilities and the practical classes on the Tagus River, experiencing the yachting reality and aboard a certified yacht for this purpose. 


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