Festa de aniversario13

We offer you a hassle free homemade quality tea. 

You may bring your own party food but why the worry when everything can be provided for by us? 

We will set the table, you’ll just have to choose the menu:

Menu 1           

  • Water
  • Coca – Cola, Sumol, Fruit Juices
  • Ham & cheese sandwiches in triangles (4)
  • Snacks (patties and / or croquettes)
  • Fluffy yogurt cake
  • Chocolate brownies
  • Jelly
  • Popcorn
  • Sweets
  • Chips

Menu 2

To menu 1 the following will be added:

  • PopCakes (chocolate or yogurt)
  • Miniature Pastries (Custard tarts, éclairs, , etc.)

Menu 3

To menu 1 & 2 the following will be added:

  • Mini strawberry cheesecake
  • Skewers of fruit and marshmallows
  • Chocolate and banana Muffins

Birthday Cake

The Birthday Cake is not included on the menus and as such, ordered separately. Customize your cake to your liking from our assorted menu.

Check our online store for party decorations

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